Exploring Mallorca, or Ode to IKEA

Bless the Sweedish genius that founded IKEA and for whoever had the wherewithal to open one in Palma, Mallorca. There is a spot reserved for you in Heaven, and if not, you can have mine.There’s a huge market for IKEA’s economic and practical wares on Mallorca with the humongous tourist community that comes and goes during the summer months and at sporadic intervals throughout the year and for the Mallorquis that rent out their properties for the vacationing Germans, Brits, etc. (Note: We annoying Americans are few and far between.)

IKEA, as it turns out is the same no matter what country you shop, the only difference being perhaps the size of the store itself and some of the items. Basically, everything is smaller. If you’re interested in how homes are decorated on this side of the pond, like my old neighbor, Liz, check out IKEA Mallorca. I’d share pics of the inside of my house, but most of our stuff is still en route on a ship, so the place is pretty sparse right now, and by sparse I mean pretty much empty, echos and all. Try to contain your anticipation.

I shamefully haven’t seen much of Mallorca besides the IKEA, which has become a home away from home, the local Carrefour, which is like a Target, and Eroski, which is like a Safeway or similar supermarket, but I plan to remedy that soon and take weekend excursions with the family around this beautiful island, not to mention the rest of Europe.

For now, I’m just focusing on slowly getting over the shock of being here, spending time with my little one and working bizarre hours as a contractor, so I can be on Pacific time part of the day. Awesome. Oh, and of course meeting some of the neighbors. We just met these guys yesterday…

Some neighboring sheep

Some neighboring sheep


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