What’s the Name of the Town You Live in Again?

Ah, Puigpunyent (pronounced pooch-poon-yent, I think), the adorable little town (or municipality, according to Wikipedia) outside of Palma on Mallorca in the Balearic Islands off the East Coast of Spain, which I now call home. This, by the way is now the longest mailing address I’ve ever had. Ever.

What can I say? It’s beautiful, calling it small would be a gross understatement, it’s roots go as far back as the Romans, Moors, etc. and actually has most everything you need, including an adorable market, a few restaurants and local bars (similar to those quaint outdoor cafés you find in metropolitan U.S. but with alcohol), two banks, a town hall, a local pool, etc. It’s precious. Did I mention it’s really small? Side note. For you “The Twilight Saga fans,” the population is only very slightly higher than that of Forks, Washington. Yah.

But I digress…Palma is just about a 15 minute pleasant drive away and just outside of the town are about three or so vineyards with really good wine, both red and white. Come to think of it, Mallorca in general has fabulous wines. More importantly, a town not too far from here called Banyalbufar, specializes in making Malvasia, which just so happens to be one of my favorite wine grape varieties. Yum! In the spirit of full disclosure, I still haven’t done much (see any) exploring, but I know at least a little about the wine, as my brother (a wine aficionado and Napa frequenter) and sister-in-law flew out here with me and saw the sites for a week or so. But I did taste the wine and it is delish.

“What? Are you crazy?” You may be asking right about now. “How is it you haven’t explored the entire island by now?” Well, I’m at the beginning of my second week here and am only just now confronting the initial shock of moving here. The first week was spent running around like crazy getting ourselves set up, shopping at IKEA, getting my seven month old on Spain time, getting over jet lag, finding missing baggage (I heart Air Europa and KLM. Uh huh.), working evenings as a contractor for a U.S. company on Pacific time, etc. It’s just been crazy and I’m working on it okay! As promised in a previous post, I vow to get out and explore during the weekends starting this coming weekend and immerse myself in the beautiful Spanish, Catalan, Mallorquis culture.

In the meantime, I’ll try and at least leave the house tomorrow and you can check out this Wikipedia link for more tidbits on my new home town Pooch-poon-yent. Oh, and see below pics for the views from my house!

View from bedroom terrace, left

View from bedroom terrace, left

View from bedroom terrace, right

View from bedroom terrace, right

View from 2nd floor terrace, back of house

View from 2nd floor terrace, back of house

View from kitchen

View from kitchen


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