Where the Hell is the Delicate Cycle?

Okay. Can someone who speaks “electrodomesticos” in Europe PLEASE explain to me how these washer / dryer units in Spain work? I realize it would be too easy to have the word “Delicate” or “Permanent Press” written out on the machine in Spanish and that these hieroglyphs make it much more amusing, but I didn’t learn Spanish so that I could spend my time staring at the electronics in my house as if I had been mentally incapacitated.

Think it’s funny, huh? Okay, you take a look at these pictures and tell me if you can decipher which machine does which, let alone which cycles will wash and dry my clothes gently without shredding them or shrinking them to the size of a Barbie wardrobe.

Our mysterious washer

Our mysterious washer

And the inscrutable dryer

And the inscrutable dryer

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. I will not hang my clothes out to dry. I did it when I lived in Spain as a student and hated it. Not only do the clothes dry all crunchy, but the super strong sun sucks all of the color out of everything. Life is hard, I know.

I need an EU laundry expert, or an American expat who has cracked the laundry code, stat! Also, anyone out there that knows how to select a cycle that doesn’t take two hours, would be my hero and receive many karma points courtesy¬†of moi for sharing.


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