Black Friday Comes to Europe!


O.M.G. I thought Spain was the last to embrace just about everything, but Black Friday is premiering today! Apparently, American companies with holds in Europe, or Spain at least, are ringing in the holidays with some door-buster deals and such. AND not only that, the Spanish government is all for it. I heard that on the radio so it must be true, right? It makes sense, the Spanish economy is in the friggin’ toilet and unbridled consumerism can give it a boost, I suppose. I’m sure it won’t be anything like the gruesome, trampling crowds at Walmart kind of scene you can witness in the States — thank goodness.

Here’s hoping Thanksgiving catches on here too! It shouldn’t be too hard. It’s about eating, giving thanks and celebrating a country’s history and culture, no matter how misguided. And who doesn’t like to eat until they burst? Hubbie, baby girl and I sat down last night – at 9:30 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. in the Spanish style – with friends and family to a huge and delicious feast with all the trimmings. Yum! The only glitch is that you can’t really find turkey or cranberries in Spain, so hubbie’s uncle brought our delectable bird from London. Tastey and well-traveled, what do you know?


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