I Still Can’t Believe We’re Doing This: An Expat Year in Review

Porto Bello 1

Dear all five of my readers. I’m so sorry for my unexpected hiatus. Work exploded and I’ve barely had a second to myself to even use the bathroom. But here I come, groveling back to you again.

Since March marks my one year anniversary here in sunny Mallorca, Spain and I’m still alive, I thought I’d mark the occasion with a look back at the best moments of the year and of course the obligatory glass of wine, or shot of tequila depending on my mood. Speaking of shots, did I ever tell you about the time back in San Francisco during my PR flak days when I once told a friendly client to take a few shots before his upcoming TV interview? I was joking of course, but he either didn’t get me, or thought it was a good tip because he took my advice. Needless to say, he was a bit off. But I digress.

Yes, it’s been one whole year since I moved to Mallorca from San Francisco, California and one year later I can tell you I’m finally starting to feel a bit more at home. If only I could master driving the evil stick shift. A colleague once told me from experience I’d be over homesickness after six months. He must have been on crack. Join me on a quick trip down memory lane, won’t you?

The trip out here. Sure it was hellish (a six month old baby, two cats and an incident with their meds involving lots of biting and scratching, and ten pieces of luggage in tow; 3 stops from California; huge delay and missed flight, and a partridge in a pear tree) and Air Europa lost all of our luggage for a few days, but at least I have a great story to tell.

Discovering IKEA. Of course I’d been to IKEA before, don’t be silly. But I was THRILLED there was civilization in the form of Sweedish housewares on the island.

Learning how to work the washing machine. I still don’t know what the little images mean, so can only guess I might be using the delicate cycle though the hole in my shirt says otherwise. Fun times.

Our first day trip on the island. The port of Andratx. Don’t you just love how the “x” is pronounced like “ch” in catalan? I know I do.

My first local feria experience. It certainly wasn’t coachella, but hey, it was adorable and I can’t wait for the feria season to start again. You had me at ensaimada.

Visiting Barcelona. Despite the agony of food poisoning, it was great to get back to city life for a few days even if we did almost die from heat prostration. I heart the Barrio Gótico.

The pool here in Puigpunyent. I’m normally not a summer person, but going to the pool every day just like I did as a little girl during summer break was heaven. I can’t wait until end of June! Did I just say that?

Seeing the prince of Spain from far, far away. He’s handsome. Um. I think.

Getting to know my little town. Oh Puigpunyent, oh Puigpunyent, how evergreen your branches. Your post of-fice clo-ses too early. Or…um….something.

ROME! It was a dream trip made reality. I couldn’t get over all of the antiquity, friendly Romans, yummy coffee and pastries and gelato stands. And how cute are the Vatican guards’ outfits?

Learning to drive stick. It was far from fun to start learning, but at least I’m doing it! Apologies to my in-laws for the cuss-fest during our last driving expedition.

A visit from big brother. My big brother, not THE big brother.

Day trip to Madrid. Sure we had to go because the stupid American government doesn’t have their shit together. But hey, it was worth it to have a date night…in MADRID!

And of course frequenting the local bars, though perhaps not so frequently come to think of it, and learning how to say draft beer in Spanish. It was a proud moment.

Then there were lots of family moments, like my little girl getting bigger, learning to walk and talk, going to the beach for the first time; my hubbie finally finding a surf spot; me venturing out on my own professionally, trying and failing to start working out again. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember what happened yesterday let alone all year.


13 thoughts on “I Still Can’t Believe We’re Doing This: An Expat Year in Review

  1. I missed your posts indeed! As one of your faithful 5 readers, that was a great post. Can’t believe it’s been a year!

  2. Congrats on your first year! I especially liked your comments on the Feria, that’s a peculiar Spanish tradition that I miss in UK. My hometown had two actually: one for the whole town and then smaller ferias for each neighbourhood 🙂

    • Thanks! Oh, I’m a big feria fan. This year, I think we’ll try and do a tour. The best part about the one in my hometown is it happens right outside my door 🙂

  3. One of five…and missing you so much! Dying to visit and sad to say, it won’t be in 2014. Look forward to more posts and photos and fun. Living it up in Mallorca…it sounds like a “good life!” xoxox

  4. Make that 6 readers 😛

    Congrats on your first year as an expat! 🙂

    I found your blog when searching for info on expats in Puigpunyent, awesome info BTW so thank you!

    I have a quick question for you if you’d be so kind, I read that you’re working remotely for your company in the US. What sort of broadband speeds can you get in Puigpunyent? I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t seem to find the info via Google 😦

    • Haha. Thanks for reading! Hmmm good question. My hubbie set all that stuff up before I got here and of course he doesn’t remember. I can tell you it’s the fastest that Movistar offers for this area. We pay 50 euros a month for their best Internet connection, a fixed phone line and one mobile. I can also tell you that for being in the mountains, the Internet here is better than I’ve EVER had in the U.S.(San Francisco) Stupid Comcast!

      What are you doing in Puigpunyent? Good luck!

      • If it’s not too much trouble would you mind doing a speed test? You just go to speedtest.net and it takes a speed of your Download & Upload speed

        I’m from the UK so your Comcast experience doesn’t help me with an indication of what your speed is.

        I’m not in Puigpunyent atm, just doing some research as I’d quite like to move somewhere warm for a year and Majorca looks interesting, I work online too so a fast internet speed is my one and only requirement.

      • Hmmm. According to your little website, I have 7.74 Mbps download speed and .66 Mbps upload speed. Not sure what that means, but hope it helps.

      • That’s a massive help, thank you very much for the reply and info!

        It basically means your download speed is 774kb per second (Nearly 1mb per second) for downloading data, it’s not an amazing speed but it’s really quite decent for being up in the mountains. Certainly enough for most things people would use the internet for, plenty for streaming Netflix in HD or YouTube in HD.

        Upload speed is 66kb per second (0.06mb per second) Which means it will take a very long time to upload any data, pictures, videos etc to Facebook, YouTube or any website etc.

        Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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