Back in Time at La Granja, Mallorca

Ugh. My post writing delinquency knows no bounds. What’s my excuse this time? Well, I’m preggers and can barely keep my head out of the toilet long enough to breathe, let alone write something. TMI? You’re welcome.

This post is super past due as we went months ago, but it required a bit of historical research on my part, so my lovable procrastination tendencies chimed in and that was that. Until now.

La Granja is a sprawling estate located in Esporles, Mallorca and nestled in the Tramuntana mountain range. It’s about a 20 minute jaunt by car from my humble pueblo, Puigpunyent and perhaps 30 to 40 minutes from Palma itself. And as is the case pretty much anywhere in Mallorca the drive is lovely. I hope you don’t get car sick.

The estate itself was founded in the early 13th century by Count Nuño Sanz when the parcel of land had been gifted to him by King Jaime I after he had conquered Mallorca. But the area was occupied by the Moors long before that during the 10th century as it was an excellent natural water source. The Count sold La Granja to the Cistercian Monks who maintained the property until 1474 when they sold it to the Vida family. At the end of the 17th century, it passed to the Fortuny family and in 1985 to the Colom family, it’s present day custodians. Needless to say La Granja has been passed around a bit, but what a rich history. I read somewhere that there is even evidence of inhabitance here that dates as far back as Stonehenge! Pretty cool, huh?

Today it is a living museum open to the public, so visitors can see what life was like in the early days of Spanish Mallorca’s history. The place is amazing. It was completely self sufficient with everything from mills to bakeries to cheese making, thread making and dying stations. The estate made it’s own leather for crying out loud. The grounds and gardens are beautiful complete with waterfalls, lakes and ponds, winding walkways and lush roses. Once you’re through with the walking tour of the house and the grounds, you can pass through the cafe and gift shop for free tastings of local fare, like buñols (kind of like small, heavenly doughnuts), cheese, jamón, bread and jam. Yum!

The price for two adults is about 14 euros (if I remember correctly) and includes the self-guided tour, and tasting afterward. I think the best time to visit (though it’s open year-round) is summer, as then the place is full of people in period dress demonstrating La Granja life for your enjoyment. There’s also farm animals and donkey rides for the kids. Squee!

IMG_1157 IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1142 IMG_1131 IMG_1139 IMG_1151


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