5 Things I Love About Spain


Hiya folks! As promised in my recent post – 5 Things I Hate About Spain – here come the pros! After living in Mallorca, Spain for 18 months – happy 18-month-aversary!! – as much as it’s been a challenge to acclimate to becoming foreign Spanish locals after more than a decade in San Francisco, and as much as the customs and lifestyle at times drive me absolutely bananas, it really can be a great place to live and an even greater place for little ones to grow up.

Here’s what I love about sunny Spain:

Keepin’ it cassh – I really like the casual atmosphere here. People take their time and are in no particular rush. They sit down and enjoy their meals, go for walks, take breaks, go on vacation, spend time with family and friends and generally try to enjoy life. It makes for a much more relaxing and appealing ambience for someone who tends to naturally run on the tense side, like me. I went back to SF a while back for work and was shocked at how rushed and crazed I suddenly felt. I don’t miss that at all. I do miss wearing my closet full of fashionable work clothes, but I try to break an Anthro dress out every so often just because.

Location, location, location – Living here, I can be in Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Munich, the list is endless, in a matter of a few hours. It sure beats flying to Colorado, Vegas, or even the East Coast from California for the same time and same cost or more. I have all of Europe at my fingertips, which has been a dream since I was in high school. Of course, now that I’m no longer State-side, I do miss the idea of visiting places like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, The Rockies, etc. But we’re actually planning a road trip from Mallorca to mainland Spain (via ferry) and on to France, then to the UK via the chunnel. How freakin’ cool is that?!

For the love of children – Kids are beloved in Spain. People don’t whisper behind your back or give you looks of disapproval if your little one is out of sorts. No one complains if you bring your offspring to a restaurant now and then. And no one pressures you to put your child on the short list for every extra curricular activity known to man, so their chances at getting into the best pre-school and then of course Harvard are greater. Here, kids are just kids. They get to have a childhood and people adore them. Everyone in our village knows our daughter and just about drools over her every time she makes an appearance. And she’s surrounded by family and friends. As a result, she’s one happy and carefree little girl. Who can ask for more than that?

Spanish artistry – Some of the best designer and not-so-designer shoes and other delightful textiles are “made in Spain.” Take a look at the sole of your shoes right now. Odds are, they’re Spanish-made. Need I say more? I know I use this example a lot, but it’s just SO good. Remember avarcas? Well Anthro was selling them this past summer for like $100+ and you can get them here for under 30 euros. Ha!


It’s ancient history – Spain is beautiful, no matter where you are. Sure there are some modern architecture atrocities and evidence of general contractor laziness, but overall it’s chock full of old stone buildings, houses covered in flowers, rolling hills and narrow winding cobblestone streets. And with Roman and Moorish ruins and influence pretty much every where you look, you can’t help feel the old-world vibe Spain gives off. It’s daunting and charming all at once.


What do you love about Spain?


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