Need Some R&R? Try Agrotourism!

It’s the prodigal blogger! Okay, before you say anything, I’m a working mom with two little girls, so I barely have time to take a shower, plus the dog ate my homework. But I promise to do better. This time mean it. I swear. No, really.

So, a few years ago. Just kidding. A few months ago, the fam and I did lunch at this beautiful, big old house just outside of my village, Puigpunyent. It’s called Sa Campaneta (people here like to name their places; it’s a thing) and it was beautiful. It’s what crazy kids these days are calling an agroturismo (in Spanish,) which is basically when you go and stay in someone’s huge house on a big ol’ plot of land. It’s basically AirBnB meets Little House on the Prairie. You get in touch with nature, enjoy some peace and quite, have a chance to disconnect and get some real R&R. Not to mention home-cooked meals with local ingredients. Sign me up, right?

Hubs’ aunt stayed at this one when she came to visit us all here in Mallorca, so we met her for lunch one day. It was fantastic. We spent the whole afternoon one hot summer day in the shade of a humongous tree lunching, drinking wine and relishing the fresh, mountain air of the Serra Tramuntana. I highly recommend it if you’re ever out this way.





IMG_2507IMG_2486 IMG_2484



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