Scenes from London

“Want to go to London for this event, Andrea?” my boss asks me one day several months ago. I didn’t even have to think. Hell yeah! Even for work, London is always a feast for the eye, especially for a foreign culture and travel addict like me.

This trip would be the first time we’d ever meet, my boss and I, and it didn’t disappoint, as London rarely ever does. We networked, we shopped, we enjoyed the charming expressions and customs of the locals and generally had almost too much fun. We left begrudgingly, convinced that London loved us and that we MUST spend more time there.

Here are a few tips I stumbled upon while in the thick of it:

Take the Heathrow Express from the airport to London proper. It’s a bit pricier than the regular underground, but MUCH faster and comfier. Just follow the signs at the airport and buy your ticket at one of the many kiosks. On your way home, you can catch the Heathrow Express from Paddington Station.

If you plan to do lots of moving about and site seeing, invest in an Oyster card. It’s a pre-paid card that makes transportation on the underground and bus lines much quicker and a bit cheaper too. You can buy one at most corner stores.

Rent a place on AirBnB. You can save some cash and experience London a bit more like a local. We found ours there and it actually turned out to be an Indigo Flat property, an apartment broker with some very nice and reasonably priced digs. Our flat was smack in the center of Covent Garden and we LOVED it.

Try to avoid London during unexpected heatwaves. We weren’t so lucky and had no air conditioning or functioning fans to profit from. Bummer.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the trip:


We’re here!


The tube stop literally blocks from our place!


This is our flat, above the pub on the corner.


Scenes from our ‘hood



A blurry cab ride home one night


What? Like you’ve never splurged?


This was posted next to the WC in our flat. I thought it was amusing. Tea bags?


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