A Mallorqui Holiday

Ah, the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, the cheerful spirit in the air, the cold weather that makes us all bundle up tight, even if it has been hovering around 20 degrees here for the past few months. I love it all.

Being a member of a multicultural household, our holiday season is full of festivities from November to January. First we have Thanksgiving when we stuff ourselves with turkey, stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce and other treats, and enjoy time with family. Then there’s Christmas when we stuff ourselves…(notice a theme here) and watch the little ones’ faces light up as they open their gifts. Then there’s New Year’s Eve, which we spent quietly with the family, except for the dance party my sister-in-law instigated. No you can’t see any pics. And then there’s Reyes!

Here in Spain, Christmas is catching on, but “Reyes” or Dia de los Reyes Magos is the big holiday celebration around here. Three Kings Day (AKA the Three Wise Men or the Magi) is a celebration of the birth of Jesus and of the Magi bringing gifts to the believed Son of God. It’s celebrated on January 6th, known as Epiphany in English speaking Christian cultures, but the festivities begin the evening before with a parade or “Cabalgata” reenacting the arrival of the Magi. It’s a sight to behold and lots of fun for the little ones. Click here for more about “Reyes.”

If you live in a little pueblo like I do, the Reyes come to your house to bring the gifts to your children the night before Epiphany. Of course you have to hide the presents on the front porch, and my freaking curious ten year old nephew found them. You should have seen us tap dance our way out of that one. We did this for the first time this year and it was one of those precious experiences that make me feel like a real local.

Here are a few scenes from this holiday on Mallorca, from my little town Puigpunyent. Happy New Year! Feliz Año! Molt Anys!


Palma lights up during the holiday season



‘Twas the night before Christmas


One of my little girls discovering the tree decorations


My quaint hometown, Puigpunyent


Party at the plaza in Puigpunyent. Their majesties, the Reyes Magos greet their people 🙂


OMG. Reyes Magos in da house! One of the many benefits of small town life




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