Good eats and views from Galilea, Mallorca


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I can’t believe I’ve lived here for almost two years now and haven’t written about a quaint little town, called Galilea. Picturesque and just plain adorable, Galilea is nestled into the tramuntana mountainside just up the hill from my hometown, … Continue reading

Puigpunyent Feria Kicks off Summer in Mallorca


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Ah, the annual feria in my adopted hometown, Puigpunyent Mallorca. The main thing I love about this feria, aside from the adorable artisanal sundries and tasty treats, is that it happens right outside of my front door. This means my … Continue reading

Secret Expat Behavior: Funny things being an expat makes you do


Being an expat is funny sometimes. If you’re a Yank like me, maybe you’ve lived in Europe a few times, traveled a bunch and always imagined you’d end up there. But as I say all the time, the dream and … Continue reading

A visit to remember or a gastronomic mini tour of Mallorca


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Well, as usual, I’m delinquent in my writing. But this time I have a real excuse, I swear. It’s called a full house of visitors, Christmas dinner, playing tour guide and general holiday madness. Fun times were had though. The … Continue reading

The Latest Haps in Mallorca and Other Frightening Tales


Well fellow expats and sufferers of wanderlust, it has been a very interesting week here in good old Palma de Mallorca full of social gatherings, storms, new traditions and shocking admissions from crazy young foreigners. Here’s a snapshot of an … Continue reading

A Local Festivus for the Rest of Us


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Last weekend I discovered something really cool about the local ferias (that’s “Festival” in Spanish, my friends) in my new hometown, Puigpunyent (pooch-poon-yent), Mallorca. It means yummy treats and gorgeous artisanal goods are paraded around right outside my door! Our … Continue reading