Dear, United States of America. WTF?


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Well, it’s happened. The presumptive winner of the 2016 presidential elections is none other than THE Donald Trump. What, no applause? It’s true I’m afraid. Despite my clever Facebook memes (I even changed my profile picture for you, Hillz!,) my … Continue reading

Hitting the deck in Pollença


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A few months ago – yes I’m only just writing about this now at the beginning of spring when a few months ago means at the start of winter – we went sailing (I mostly ate lunch) with the fam … Continue reading

Need Some R&R? Try Agrotourism!


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It’s the prodigal blogger! Okay, before you say anything, I’m a working mom with two little girls, so I barely have time to take a shower, plus the dog ate my homework. But I promise to do better. This time … Continue reading

Food Trucks Find Mallorca!


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Summer is in full swing and you know what that means… I’m a month late on my annual Puigpunyent feria ecológica (eco-festival.) post. Woo Hoo! That’s right, friends, last month our favorite neighborhood block party meets farmers market meets fair happened once … Continue reading

Finding the road to Fornalutx


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It’s pronounced Fornalutch and is a beautifully preserved example of a quaint old Mallorquin town. You’ll fall in love with it and want to buy a house there, but thanks to all of the expats that have already staked a … Continue reading