Me. I’m from Pennsylvania, lived in D.C. just moved to Mallorca after having lived in San Francisco for about 9 years. I’m pretty much a Californian now with a bit of East Coast edge. I speak three languages, have travelled a bit and lived in Spain for about 2 years while in school. I love to write, am a contract PR genius, have a little baby girl and two kitties and am slightly neurotic.

Hubbie. He’s from Lima, has lived in the Bay Area for the last 14 years or so and is both the love of my life and pain in my behind. Just kidding about that last part, sort of. He’s a devoted surfer missing the waves, though trips to Bilbao, Northern Ireland and anywhere else with decent pipe is in the offing. He’s on the road to becoming a sailboat racer and has the patience of a saint.

This blog. I’m writing it, but will surely reference my hubbie, daughter and kitties frequently. I’ll try to focus the content on Mallorca and our travels, but this is real life and not a vacation, so I can’t promise anything. If I say something crazy, please let me know and either share something even crazier, or set me straight.

Fiona, Andrea and Leo

Fiona, Andrea and Leo







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